Hey there!

My name is Laura, I'm the owner and lead designer at InStyle Blooms. My studio is home based and I love it! I'm a quiet girl with a

passion for life & FLOWERS!  I fill my cup daily with inspiration by my surroundings! Flowers are my therapy & I live life by grace

not perfection. 

My favorite flower changes with seasons, but I can never get enough of garden roses & ranunculous!

Born and raised from humble beginnings in Sunny So-Cal, I live in Los Angeles with my husband Armando & son Julian! I'm a lover of

Stripes,Fixer Upper, anything vintage, and of course FLOWERS. Family means the world to me & my best friends happened to be my

mom & sister Evelyn. Above all, I love God.

I attribute my passion to my grandmother who had a passion for flowers and plants. Everything she owned from her wardrobe, to

home decor was a mixture of flower patterns, textures and lively pops of color. At an early age, I began to have a interest in flowers.

A decade later, I visited the Los Angeles Flower Market for the first time and it was love at first sight. I was mesmerized by all of

nature's beautiful creations and that's when my love for flowers fully bloomed. That same year I took on a gig as an apprentice at my

local flower shop where mixing textures, colors and designing came natural to me. Ever since then flowers and design has enriched

my life. Designing is my way of adding beauty to this world.


Flowers are the heart & soul of the InStyle Blooms studio since 2008. Our focus is to create fresh new floral designs that are inspired

by our client’s personal taste, while still incorporating my creativity to make each design uniquely yours. InStyle Blooms style is

simplistic and effortless. We are perfectionist at heart and use texture, variation of colors to create movement and contrast in our

designs. We are passionate about flowers, foliage and all of the beautiful and intricate details that make an event come to life. We love

working with individuals that value flowers just as much as we do & believe that flowers have the power to transform a space.